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The need for a new primary school in the St Margaret’s / East Twickenham area of Richmond has been long been identified.  Bellevue Place Education Trust has been in discussion with the Department for Education and Richmond Local Authority about how best to meet this need for some time.

We are delighted to announce that Deer Park School has been approved to move its permanent site to the site currently known as Ryde House, Richmond Road.

The Bellevue Place Education Trust had originally applied for the permanent site to be in the East Twickenham / St. Margaret’s area as its preferred location. This is the area that has always been identified as having the highest demand for new school places.  When a site could not be found in the preferred area, London House was purchased and the name of the proposal was changed to Deer Park School.  We have now moved our proposal back to the original preferred location.

We are delighted that this announcement fulfils our commitment to providing a school in the East Twickenham / St. Margaret’s area.

Thank you

Bellevue Place Education Trust

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